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Glarysoft Registry Repair 3.3

Glarysoft Registry Repair is one of the best free registry repairing tool
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Glarysoft Registry Repair is a free multilingual application that is designed to help us have our Windows registry in peak conditions. This program can scan our registry and search for all the invalid entries that we may have, such as empty keys, adware, spyware, plus all those entries that have been left after uninstalling a program, or entries that point out missing files, folders, etc.

This simple-to-use application takes no time to analyze all or part of our registry and to display the list of problematic entries. We may select an invalid entry and set to open the registry editor for further investigation. It is possible to fix all the problems at once, or just those that we have selected for repairing. In addition, we may set this program to reverse the changes. We are also allowed to create an ignore list and add all the items that we want. Furthermore, this utility enables us to export the list of invalid keys. The user interface is available in many languages, and it is quite smart and easy to handle. And the best of all, this program is delivered for free for personal usage. The only minor disadvantage is that we have to uncheck the option given to install the "ask" toolbar (unless we like this search engine).

Review summary


  • Free for personal usage
  • Multilingual
  • Simple-to-use tool
  • Smart GUI
  • Reverse option
  • Highly recommended


  • We have to uncheck the option given to install the "ask" toolbar (if we do not like it)
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